Glen West has been

teaching guitar for 34 years

Guitar lessons in Glendale, Anthem, Surprise, Phoenix, Deer Valley and Peoria, AZ.


Linda Chorney

Before Glen I had two

different teachers. 

Although they were great

guitarists, teaching what

they know is another story.  Glen is a teacher.  He has a wealth of knowledge and knows

how to pass it on.  It is quite obvious when you go into his studio that he has been doing this for a long time.  He has all the bells and whistles.  Whatever type of music your into, from beginner on up, he has a lot to offer.  Thank you Glen.

Glen West 602-467-0567 A2G Sharp Guitar Instruction 15627 N. 59th Lane Glendale, AZ 85306
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Darrin Hunt
Glen West, thank you for

the last 8 months of

endless knowledge on the

guitar. If you want to

learn to play the guitar

on any level this man has

the answers to the limitless fretboard called the guitar. Thank you for all you have taught me. I am thankful for the chance to study with you. I look forward to every lesson. Thank you.

Guy Finney
The name says "guitar

instruction" but it's really

more than that. Glen helps

people become musicians,

not just guitar players.

While it's great to have

the technique to play something flawlessly, it's infinitely better to understand the music well enough to improvise rhythmically or solo in various styles. And isn't that why you take up an instrument in the first place: To make music that you like, not just copy someone else's?

Connor Smith
Glen West offers a

professional, but friendly

atmosphere in his lessons

and is dedicated to help

individuals meet their goals.  Many guitar instructors waste their student’s time with

meaningless exercises in an attempt to collect a paycheck and never teach the student how to create music on their own.  Mr. West, however, teaches his students how to become independent with their instrument, ensuring that his students meet the level of playing they wish to achieve.  His lessons consist of comprehensible exercises which challenge and motivate the individual.  I definitely enjoyed his lessons and was amazed at Glen’s understanding of the guitar.  Glen West at A2G Sharp Guitar is everything you could want in a guitar teacher.  He is extremely motivating and knowledgeable and I highly recommend his lessons.  He will not waste your time. 

Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy. Tab, guitar riffs, rock songs and more!

Chat Everhart
When I first started to

play guitar I knew

nothing at all about the

guitar.  I Just knew I

wanted to play.  I tried

reading books on how to

play and signed up for some online training too.  None of that compared to what I got from Glen as my instructor.  Glen not only taught me how to play guitar he also taught me to understand what I was playing.  Since taking lessons from Glen I have gone from not knowing how to tune my guitar to writing my own riffs and songs.  While learning to play guitar with Glen I also learned how to play some of my favorite riffs of the radio.  I highly recommend Glen if you really want to appreciate playing guitar and playing the guitar well.

Ken Daniels
Glen West is simply put,

one of the best teachers

there is. Not only does he

have an amazing talent as

a guitarist, but he has the

rare talent of a true

teacher and knows how to motivate and inspire. I have played bass for 25 years and when I started taking lessons with Glen he was able to understand my perspective and help me learn to see things in an entirely new light. Regardless of your skill level and experience, Glen will help you get the most out of yourself.

Mike Robbins
Who says you can't teach

an old dog new tricks? 

Glen has a wonderful

system for keeping me

motivated to do the

practice and having fun

playing along the way.  The one on one instruction from Glen is focused to meet my goals and not the goals of someone else.  Over the years I used several books, software and online sites, needless to say all those were not taking me anywhere.  I highly recommend Glen West as an instructor for learning what you want to learn to do with your guitar!

Gus Barr
I have taken guitar

lessons from Glen for

around four years, and I

am thoroughly satisfied

with what he has

provided me. Glen’s style

of teaching isn’t out of the book or one dimensional what so ever. He incorporates what you need to learn, while letting you choose what you want to learn, allowing you to keep constant interest in learning the instrument. Glen also pushes the student to explore different musical realms, allowing their musical mind to grow beyond what it would usually gravitate towards. Besides his vast musical knowledge, he is a very approachable guy, very easy to talk to, and he has a great sense of humor, which for me was great and made the lessons even more fun. I couldn’t imagine having had someone else guide me on my musical journey. Glen opened my mind and helped me look at things differently. He is a phenomenal teacher, and I am extremely happy that he is my instructor.