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Guitar classes in Phoenix, Glendale, AZ; Guitar teacher Phoenix; Glen West, instruction and music theory.

Chat Eberhart
Age - 28
Years playing - 1 year

Guitar lessons in Glendale, Anthem, Surprise, Phoenix, Deer Valley and Peoria, AZ.

Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy. Tab, guitar riffs, rock songs and more!

Rory Severance
Age - 17
Years playing - 2 years 9 months

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Linda Chorney
Age - 38
Years playing - 1 year 2 months

Connor Smith
Age - 16
Years playing - 1 year 6 months

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Gus Barr
Age - 16
Years playing - 2 years 2 months

Raphael Robbins
Age - 32
Years playing - 2 years 8 months

“Glen provided me with excellent instruction. As an adult learner with a full-time work schedule and a family, Glen was very flexible in his hours to accommodate my schedule. His education in guitar and guitar instruction shone through for me. I was playing songs I knew within two weeks and felt comfortable with all general chords within 5 weeks, faster than I could have hoped for. I can now play a vast array of songs. Glen teaches for half the lesson then lets you, the student decide on what you want to learn for the remaining half, be it a specific song or style of music. Thanks to Glen I could play songs for my son and wife with just two months of instruction. Thanks Glen!”  
Brian Butler - guitar student, age 28

Payton Pelland  
Age - 17 
Years Playing: 3 years 6 months

I believe the ulitimate goal of guitar instruction is not to imitate but to create.  Tens of millions of guitar players can play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or "Smoke On The Water" - but only one person gets to create that song.  Learning to play the guitar may start out as an imitative art but it should always progress into being a creative art which is infinitely more satisfying in the long run.

Below are some recordings of my guitar students.    The students use what they have learned in their lessons and create songs from the concepts, techniques and ideas taken from their lessons.  We record these songs during the lesson and the students also learn about recording, arranging, playing in time, learning to relax, guitar effects, overdubbing, etc. 


Glen West has been

teaching guitar for 34 years

Student Recordings

Jason Goodman
Age - 16
Years playing - 2 years

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