“I have been taking lessons at A2GSharp Guitar Instruction for about two years and through it I have advanced far past any of my fellow peers. It offers a great opportunity to learn how to play. Glen is a great teacher and is excellent at explaining music and keeping the student motivated. I personally would recommend A2GSharp Guitar Instruction to anyone who questioned me where to go for lessons. Without hesitation, without a doubt, this is the best place you could go for your guitar lessons.”  

Andrew Albertsguitar student, age 15

Hollywood, CA

  • Arizona State University West

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   I started playing the guitar at the age of 15. I took two lessons from a local instructor and promptly quit. Why? The problem was the instructor didn't teach me anything fun. I thought that if this was what guitar playing was then I didn't really want to play. Needless to say, I was very disappointed (and so were my parents who paid for the guitar). I picked it up again after six months and started learning songs. From that point on I was hooked! This is the reason I make sure my students are learning songs and things they enjoy from the very first lesson 
         I quickly picked up the basics and then became a serious student of the instrument. I not only studied other people's music but also studied note reading, harmony and theory, scales and arpeggios, modes, songwriting, different styles of music (rock, jazz, fusion, classical, blues) and anything that interested me or I thought would make me a better musician. 
         After seven years of playing and learning I decided I wanted to be musician for a living (insert groans of dismay from parents here). I decided to attend the Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA. I took the entrance examination, tested out into the highest group, and was immediately accepted. I graduated from their guitar program in 1984 with a wealth of knowledge and playing experience. 
         The same day that I arrived back home in Phoenix I stopped into a local music store and applied for a position as a guitar teacher. I was hired that day and I have made my living teaching and playing guitar ever since. 

        Helping people achieve their musical goals and dreams is a profession that I take great pride and joy in. This is why I have spent the past twenty nine years trying to become the best guitar teacher that I know. I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your musical goals and dreams. 

Glen West

  • Arizona State University West

Learn what you want to know to have fun and play the songs and music you enjoy. Tab, guitar riffs, rock songs and more!

Guitar lessons in Glendale, Anthem, Surprise, Phoenix, Deer Valley and Peoria, AZ.


Bachelor of Arts in Education

Guitar classes in Phoenix, Glendale, AZ; Guitar teacher Phoenix; Glen West, instruction and music theory.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude May 1997

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Glen West has been

teaching guitar for 34 years

Graduated: 1984